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Electronic Tools Company (e-tools) has completed an integrated suite of e-government software that makes up a core of Smart Government.
SmartFMSTMGoals and Approach -Our goal in building SmartFMS ™ was to build an e-government system flexible enough to be applicable to any country. SmartFMS™ can provide financial government services on-line, anytime and anywhere.
SmartFMS is a accounting package to manage core activities for Government Finances. SmartFMS has following core modules:
  • General Ledger.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • Budget Master.
  • Revenue Management.
  • Global Settings.
  • Authentication (called Supervision).

SmartFMSTM Design Features



Easy-to-use Interfaces


web Service oriented



Platform Independent

It uses a Modular approach, Multiple levels of Abstraction, loosely coupled universal services,

J2EE and Web technologies. It provides plug-and-play capability as much as possible in a component-based software architecture.

General Ledger Module (GL):

This is the core module in SmartFMS. All entries regarding debit and credit of accounts are centrally maintained here. All other modules interact with this module to post entries as per the transaction. Basically this module handles the following underlying core activities –

  • Cash Journal
  • General Journal
  • Manual Reconciliation
  • Automatic Reconciliation
  • Bank Adjustments
  • Consolidation
  • Surplus/Deficit
  • APC Transaction Management
  • Upload Trail Balance
  • Transfer Trial Balance
  • Carry over Balances
  • Bank Account Creation
  • Account Creation
  • Fiscal Year and Period Management
  • Overdraw Balances

Budget Master Module (BM):

This module handles Budget Management for each Government Entity. Please find the core features of the BM module below:

  • Budget Line Creation
  • Budget Line Segment Creation
  • Budget Draft Management
  • Budget Line Draft Management
  • Budget Control Management
  • Entity Management

Accounts Payable Module (AP):

This module handles the execution of budget for entities. Using this module, the system will execute the budget and will post the entries in accounting module that is GL. In this AP module the system also handles Budget Transfers within Entity and between Entities. Cash plan for each Entity is also handled here. Please find the core features for this module below:

  • Commitment Management
  • Commitment Group Management
  • Prepayment Management
  • Payment Management
  • Transfer Group Management
  • Prior Year Liability Management
  • Prior Year Liability Transfer
  • Contract Management
  • Budget Transfer Management
  • Cash Plan Management

Revenue Management Module (RM):

This module is used to collect all the revenue for the Government e.g. Taxes, District Tax, Penalties, VAT,WHT etc. Please find the core features of RM module below:

  • Revenue Management
  • Receivable Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Validation to General Ledger

Supervision Module:

This module manages Users for the SmartFMS application. It manages Users with their respective roles and permissions. This module handles the following functionality:

  • User Management
  • Menu Management
  • Role Management

Global Settings Module (PBGLOBAL):

Global Settings Module (PBGLOBAL): This module manages all the meta data used globally by all Modules (GL, AP, BM, RM, etc.): Suppliers, Banks, Supplier Categories, Countries etc. are managed here and this data will be used by other modules.


Electronic Tools Company (e-tools) has completed an integrated suite of e-government software that makes up a core of Smart Government.


GateKeeper' s architecture is distributed, its user interface is an easy web-based interface, its code is platform independent


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