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July 2015

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July 2015

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Electronic Tools Company announces the release of SmartFMS 2014. SmartFMS is a suite of software designed to help governments run better their finances

Kigali, Rwanda, July 1, 2014. Electronic Tools Company™ (E-tools) announced today the release of SmartFMS 2014, in Kigali, Rwanda. SmartFMS 2014, an integrated IFMIS, will be used by most Government agencies in Rwanda, including Ministries, districts, government boards, projects, etc. SmartFMS has been used by the Government of Rwanda since 2010, first by few government Ministries and budget agencies, then by an increasing number of Government agencies.

About Electronic Tools Company

Electronic Tools Company (e-tools.com) is now producing many products for an integrated E-Government solution and a number of Business solutions. More information about E-Tools is available from its web site at www.e-tools.com. Electronic Tools Company is headquartered in Sonoma, California, USA.

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Mobile phone: +1-707-939-5268
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