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For the core functions of an e-government, please, check the SmartFMS folder. For borders control, passports control, visas management, review the GateKeeper folder. For documents tracking and office productivity metrics, you will find the information in the folder TaskForce.

For information on e-tools business apps, localization, consulting and software outsourcing, please, contact directly our office.


Electronic Tools Company (e-tools) has completed an integrated suite of e-government software that makes up a core of Smart Government.


GateKeeper' s architecture is distributed, its user interface is an easy web-based interface, its code is platform independent


software is designed to track documents, cases, e-mails, physical mail while enforcing transparency and measuring productivity in large bureaucratic

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Electronic Tools Company announces the release of SmartFMS 2014. SmartFMS is a suite of software designed to help governme


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